The future is in clean energy!

Sunlight energy for your own use or to the mains. A photovoltaic system improves the comfort of holiday home living and saves home energy costs, regardless of the power exchange price fluctuations. A photovoltaic system generates clean energy free of the carbon footprint as well as provides energy self-sufficiency.

Product packages broken down by electricity consumption meet all the usual basic needs.

Recreational Housing
  • 100 W-500 W controller-charger system for batteries
  • 500 W-2000 W grid connected single phase inverter system
  • 200 W-8000 W controller-charger-inverter system for the battery terminals, to destinations on an outside electrical network
Satisfaction at Home
  • 2 KW – 6 KW grid connected single phase inverter system
  • 8 KW – 10 KW grid-connected three-phase inverter system

In particular, heat pumps energy for cooling in the summer should be produced by photovoltaic energy. Tailor-made solutions are always designed as needed. The electrical automation know-how of our system design is available to you and the integration into a variety of intelligent systems is taken into account. All product packages and special solutions are based on reliable and high-quality components.

Sleep with a clear conscience without a carbon footprint!

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