Clean Energy from the Sun
From Satmatic will you find solutions to all your solar energy needs

Using renewable energy sources is strong for this day, not to mention the future. Continued growth of energy demand requires new solutions in order to achieve the objectives required by sustainable development to secure the future of our planet.

High technical skills will continue to be taken advantage of in the development of increasingly cleaner energy production methods. Satmatic’s strong expertise in the field of power and automation construction has also been geared towards creating a cleaner future. We have launched a solar energy product line that will serve all of our customers. Our family of products includes modules built of high quality components from high intensity solar power parks to systems connected to a household network and battery systems designed for holiday housing. In addition, the Satmatic design team customises, if necessary, the right package for each customer.

Solar energy can easily be perceived as an ineffective alternative in Finland due to the short summer. However, for operation, the system does not require shine, but the light. The only slow down for winter use is snow. When exposed, panels produce energy throughout the year.

The system to be connected to Satmatic network also allows private parties to operate as clean power generation; the system feeds the surplus energy to the national grid. For this micro production, compensation for production is paid in many European countries and this practice will surely rise in Finland to the discretion of decision-makers in very near future, so that Finland will be able to achieve its objective of increasing the share of zero emission energy production.

Systems are connected to an on line monitoring program, after which each customer can, with their own user ID, monitor in real time how much energy the system produces and also see the resulting savings and emissions compared to fossil fuels. The program stores the information from the moment of switching on the system, thus allowing anyone to follow the figures in the light of longer term statistics.

Solar energy is
  • with zero emissions
  • Independent of energy price fluctuations
  • Easy to install, no pulling of cables (islands, remote objects, etc.)
  • Tax credit for domestic installation work

Whatever your needs may be, we will be able to serve you! You are welcome to build a cleaner world with us.