Is the main control centre system for demanding fixed-driven, industrial and large buildings.

General Information

The system consists of nine high quality points, through which can be realised even challenging entities. Units can be formed into main switchboards, motor control units and substation systems for use in high performance applications such as industrial sites, power plants, office buildings and hospitals. SAT8 PU0 cell centre is a high-quality alternative to take care of all the switching, security, isolation, distribution and control tasks. The system is a good choice for applications that require a high level of reliability, as well as special protection of personnel and the location.

Technical Data
  • Rated voltage Ue max 690 V
  • Rated current Ithe up to 4000 A
  • Short time short-circuit withstand Icw 80 kA
  • Dynamic short-circuit withstand Ipk 176 kA