Satmatic recognises its responsibility in our living environment

Satmatic Oy is an electrical and automation company recognising its responsibility for the environment. The company has invested in thinking that everything possible is recycled or disposed of by appropriate methods. The monitoring of distribution of the amounts of waste is carried out continuously and on the basis of monitoring, the potential need for change in the activities and waste handling is discussed.

The environmental impacts caused by the activity appear largely in the form of indirect effects and recyclable waste, which can be utilised with the help of waste treatment plants. The most important indirect effects such as pollutants are caused by transportation.

Personnel has a central role in protecting the environment

Environmental considerations are included in all work activities throughout the Group. Satmatic educates, guides and encourages its employees so that they are aware of the environmental principles and of their own responsibility. Each person has to identify their environmental aspects and influences related to their activities. In addition, Satmatic requires everybody to be capable and willing to act on their own in a responsible and professional manner. Environmental protection and sustainable development efforts are followed in both locations of Satmatic Oy, in Ulvila as well as in Kerava.

Continuous improvement is the key

Satmatic monitors the changes taking place in its operating environment and takes the environmental concerns into account in developing its operations. Purposeful management and monitoring procedures ensure continued sustainable development.

Enviromental quality certificate:

ISO 14001:2004

Quality certificate:

ISO 9001:2008


UL-certificate for industrial control panels

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