The distribution cabinet HETR designed and manufactured according to the new standards and customer requirements is targeted for electrical distribution and protection of cables.

The Standards Used
  • Distribution cabinet SFS 2533
  • Stand SFS 2534

  • protection class IP34D
  • supporting structure, material 2.0 mm thick
  • galvanised sheet steel
  • equipped with a rain protector, ventilating ports, and a two tier roof to prevent condensation water from dripping
  • in the removable door it is possible to have a standard SFS 2851 triangle spindle lock or any other lock design, for example, a sector key lock or a so-called Stockholm lock


The Busbar
  • IP20 touch-protected busbar 630 A, 1250 A
  • L1-L3 + PEN
  • PEN busbar location movable to either the front or rear edge of the cabinet

  • The stand depth is adjustable to 300 mm
  • Removing the front panel without tools
  • Cable mounting rails adjustable in the depth direction
  • Opening in the front panel and the rear panel for a temporary supply
  • The guide pins to facilitate the installation of the cabinet

  • three-phase iron phosphating
  • painting with a UV-resistant polyester paint
  • colour RAL 7008, other colours on request
  • thickness of paint layer 60 – 80 μm