Satmatic delivers technology for a variety of renewable energy production plants. We have a number of examples of solar power plant deliveries and we have a wide range of technical solutions of wind energy areas. In addition to large-scale deliveries of biogasification facilities as well as different solutions of hydro power plants, Satmatic is also involved in fuel cell projects (fuel cell).

Example Solutions


Solar power plants supplied: 90 kW plant to Jämsä, 63 kW plant to Närpiö, 50 kW plant to Forssa. Altogether over 1MW supplied solar power plants.


The Harju Elekter Group supplies the wind field area to Norway, which consists of 30 windmills.


In Vaskiluoto, Vaasa is currently being built the world's largest biomass gasification plant. The biogasification plant rises in connection with the existing coal power plant Vaskiluoto and the 140 MW biogasification plant is scheduled to be completed this year.