Satmatic generates diverse solutions for energy generating plants. The key solutions are small or medium-voltage structures related to the distribution of electricity as well as the automation controlling the plant. Delivery can be, depending on the customer's needs, either a subsystem or the total delivery.

Example Solutions

Waste incineration plant for Sweden

Satmatic delivered small voltage cell centres, as methods taken out in the primary process driven by Sivacon S8PT, as well as in the auxiliary equipment fixed-driven SAT 8CNC.

Biogasification Power Plant for Vaasa

Satmatic supplied a transformer-electric facility and three process-electric facilities. The electrical transformer facility has a size of 4 x 3 meters and the process electric facilities 3.5 x 12 meters. We will deliver the transformer building operating as power supply facility with the transformers, and process electrical facilities include electronic switchboards, frequency converters, transformers, UPS systems – in short, all the necessary electrical appliances.